dlight design is committed to eradicating kerosene lanterns by providing lights at affordable prices to customers without access to electricity.

dlightdesign.ORG was created to meet the needs of families living far below the poverty line who cannot afford even several cents per day for improved lighting.  For them, we have partnered with a nonprofit organizaiton, the One World Children's Fund, in order to collect philanthropic donations for free lighting for the most needy families. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will be used to supply lights! One World Children's Fund pays its overhead expenses through separate means.

Give the Gift of Light




For Just $30

You provide a needy family in India with high aspirations but very little income with a solar light to replace their polluting, dim, and dangerous kerosene wick lanterns.

Your Gift of a Bright, Safe, Solar light

  • Allows children to study at night improving exam scores by 60%
  • Allows parents to work at night increasing family incomes by 30%
  • Avoids thousands of deadly fires
  • Replaces 1 ton of greenhouse gas

The Perfect Gift for Family & Friends

We are providing Dalit (formerly the ‘untouchable caste’) families in the state of Karnataka, India with lighting.  We have visited these communities multiple times and have a tremendous partner, REDs, a non-profit organization who was been fighting for 22 years to get the most marginalized families access to land titles, electricity, water, and basic human rights. We have already provided lighting for 10 villages. We will provide all donors with an email that contains a picture and description of the family that receives the light.

Donating by Check

If you would prefer to mail your donation rather than using our online donation system, you can mail checks to:

1000 General Kennedy Avenue #2
San Francisco, CA 94129

The checks should be written to One World Children's Fund with a note that the funds are for the "d.light / REDs project". Do not write the name of the project on the memo field.


To find out more about d.light design’s mission to eradicate kerosene lanterns visit www.dlightdesign.com

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